A New Day
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07/31/2011 - Reflection 

A New Day

With each day, we have a chance to start anew. These days I spend my time addressing mundane things. But every once in a while something special happens.

Instead of just going about my day, I get a moment to really sit back & open my eyes. It's surprising how little time people take to really look at the things around them. And I'm not talking about possession of the house, but just to take in what life has in store for us. What we have been given, and what we elected to leave behind. Being a religious person, I look up to the heavens and just thank the lord for the path that he has set me on. As from the day to day hum-drum I never get to see where I'm going or where I have been. And when I get that true glimpse of everything around me, I'm just awestruck at not just the beauty of the life around me, but of where I am in that life. I think if people took a little more time to slow down, take a moment to catch their breath & just open their eyes to the little things around them, see the big picture, then things in life would just move a little easier for everyone.

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