A Time For Action
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08/04/2011 - Ecommerce 

A Time For Action

With the end of summer quickly approaching & there being a lull between major holidays, now is the time to take start taking action on your ecommerce endeavors.

We recommend that you start by taking a few moments to review your website. Then ask yourself these questions: - Is the site itself ready for the holiday seasons? (holiday theme excluded) - Do you see glaring errors or misinformation? - Are your newest & greatest products/services listed & is the info accurate? - Is your contact info easily accessible & accurate? - Is your shopping cart up-to-date? - What about your inventory; is it time for inventory count & are those products properly stocked? - Is your payment processing still working/active, if you have not used it in a while? - Is your email & notification interfaces working properly? Now is the time to review & test for these things. Check in with webmaster & then update any out of date content on the site, and add new content, products &/or services as necesary. Before you know it, the holiday season will be upon us. Before it becomes crunch time, use the time you have now you will be busy with so many other things, to send attending to these things. Being preemptive now & spending a little time now, will save you a lot of headaches a few months from now.

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