Automated Telemarketing
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08/13/2011 - Commentary 

Automated Telemarketing

One has to wonder whether the BBB & our government's Do Not Call Registry really does anything at all. Several hundred people a month already on the Do Not Call Registry, getting multiple calls from a single company, whom never done business with a given company, contacted them directly previously, or asked to be contacted by them, can't all be wrong. I can say this, as I am one of these people.

I rarely place complaints online, with the BBB or with the national Do Not Call Registry. However over the past several years I have found no other option when dealing with multiple harassing telemarketing calls & the need to resort to threatening lawsuit in order for action to be taken. And even then, it results in minimal or no real resolution...

I have complained to the BBB & the Do Not Call Registry, before about harassing telemarketers. Yet only once have I actually received any type of response from the BBB; with exception of the automated email immediately after placing the complaint, to stay they received it.

In this specific case, I have just placed a complaint against a company, located at phone number "406-530-5038", with both of these governmental agencies; due to the numerous calls this automated telemarketing system is making to my household & cell phone each day. These calls continue despite saying to the automated system that I was not interested, to not call back &/or to remove my number from their list (which their automated system replied to each request, stating it will take care of it immediately). Yet several hours later, I receive yet another call from that same automated system with the same phone number & the exact same automated sales pitch.

Upon researching that phone number online, after receiving my 4th call in less then 24 hours today alone, I found that several hundred other people posted online about the exact same issue, with the exact same phone number & the exact same results. I also found several of the sites which list these complaints for this company's phone number, incrementally numbered each complaint & listed each months complaints for the given phone number separately. And yet, there were still several hundred plus complains each month, go back over the 8+ months I managed to research.

To me, after all of this, it makes me ask the question:
"What exactly is wrong with this picture?"

How can the BBB continually list a company with an A+ status, and yet still not take action against that same company for the many hundreds & hundreds of people posting every month about receiving these same multiple, unsolicited calls from the same company to their home/cell # phone numbers daily.

What is the BBB & Do Not Call Registry doing about this? From what I can tell thus far, "NOTHING"!

Other then allowing the complaints to be placed online to the BBB & again to the Do No Call Registry, I see nothing being done. Shouldn't we as a people stop this corporate abuse of automated telemarketing phone systems - so they can no longer harass us with their endless automated calls? Is a class action lawsuit the only way to get the attention of a company; to get them to stop harassing us & to do the right thing?

I hope one day to find that my dislike of large corporations & companies, who do not take our security, privacy & people's requests seriously was misplaced. However I feel that that day will never happen, with all the greed in this world.

In a world of so much possibility, wonder, knowledge & potential, the human race is going to be destroyed by our own greed. And if you don't believe me, look at all the wars (wars make companies money), all of the destruction to our planet (abuse due to mass manufacturing, chemical dumping, mining, deforestation, etc...), all the corporate lawsuits (corporations suing people who make their products better & more useful, as well as all the class action lawsuits against big businesses), all the corporate greed (look at the banking sector with all of those bad home mortgages), the buying out of governmental officials (through corporate 'sponsorships' & 'gifts' to election campaigns), and lets not forget about the giving of golden parachutes to top level executives & CEOs (again look at the banking sector & other industries after the U.S. bailed out their sorry butts).

I hope I'm wrong, but I have a feeling that I'm not. Com'on, prove me wrong world!

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