How To Disable Prelink
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How To Disable Prelink

* Note: This how to applies to RedHat, CentOS & Fedora Core linux distributions.

At times, it is necessary to disable prelinking, due to the extra load it places on the system. This especially useful when your CPU is pegged at 100% percent all the time, because prelinking is always running due to constant booting of that system. If you have linux running on an old/slow pentium or celeron based system, it will take a long time to have the system prelink all the files, and it may be best to simply disable prelinking to have things run smoother.

To disable prelink, you will need to make all the changes as root.
-- su to root
-- open "/etc/sysconfig/prelink" in a text editir (such as vi)
-- you should see this line: PRELINKING=yes
-- change 'yes' to 'no'
-- save the change you just made & exit the text editor
-- manually run "/etc/cron.daily/prelink" as root.
-- prelinking is now disabled and will not reactivate the next time you reboot.

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