Controlling Spam
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How to clean out spam from your inbox.

I use Outlook 2000 for all of my email. The spam rules I set below filter out over 90% of the junk mail from my inbox. These rules can be applied to other email programs, such as Juno and other POP3 email software.

Here is the major rule:

Apply this rule when message arrives,
where my names is not in the TO box,
move to the 'delete items' folder,
except if my name is in the TO or CC box.

Basically, this rule will move all junk mail into the 'delete items' folder, if it was not sent directly to you. Since most spam does not contain your email address in the TO or CC lines, the rule removes the spam message from your 'inbox'.

You can even further filter your email mail messages by setting the following rules.


Apply this rule when message arrives,
containing 'Adult Content Senders'
move to the 'delete items' folder.


Apply this rule when message arrives,
containing 'Junk Senders',
move to the 'delete items' folder.

With these rules set, most of your junk mail will be moved to the 'delete items' folder. If one happens to pass this rule set, simply mark the sender's email as a "JUNK SENDER" or "ADULT CONTENT SENDER". With that set, no more spammed email will be received from the sender's email address.

These rules work really well against spam. Out of the 100 or so spammed email I receive weekly, only 1 or 2 of those emails reach my inbox.

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