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Raspberry Pi 
Build A Raspberry Pi Jukebox
Posted on 06/18/2015
LifeHacker has published a pretty comprehensive guide to building a Raspberry Pi based jukebox, that is simple to operate.  If you are not too technically proficient, this is a nice project for you. Read More...
Get New Windows XP Updates Until 2019
Posted on 03/25/2015
Officially Microsoft ended support for Windows XP back on April 8th 2014.  Yet, Microsoft is actively patching Windows XP to this day.  With a minor registry adjustment, you can continue receive Windows XP security updates until April 2019! Read More...
Raspberry Pi 
MS Windows for Raspberry Pi
Posted on 02/03/2015
Microsoft has announced it will be releasing Windows 10 for the Raspberry Pi.  This marks a new age in small computing, especially within the ARM CPU era. Read More...
Raspberry Pi 
The Rogue Pi Network Monitor
Posted on 10/24/2014
The Rogue Pi is a network monitor that doesn't require you to return periodically to pick up the data you've collected. The Rogue Pi packs the radios required for you to connect to it wirelessly whenever you need to.  Once powered up, it conducts tests to make sure it's connected to the network you want to probe, then creates an SSH tunnel to access it, configures a hidden SSID and enables Wi-Fi radio for easy direct access.  Containing a laundry list of penetration testing and Wi-Fi cracking tools on-board, it seams like the perfect tool for good or evil... Read More...
Raspberry Pi 
Build A Raspberry Pi Stealth Packet Sniffer
Posted on 10/23/2014
If you have a Raspberry Pi and one of those surge protectors that also protects your network cables from voltage fluctuations, you have most of the tools you need to build a cheap network observation device, as long as you're not afraid to use a soldering iron. Read More...
SSH Security Configuration Best Practices
Posted on 10/05/2014
For anyone who has used Linux for some time can tell you, SSH access is one of the most powerful ways a user can can remotely administrate & access a given system. With that said, many good systems administrators are nervous about some of the security implementations for SSH usage and functions. Even though newer Linux distros have preconfigured SSH access in a more secure manner out of the box, here is a list of processes and configurations that could further help you tighten and enhance your SSH security. Read More...
Google Authenticator Provides Two Factor SSH Login Support
Posted on 10/01/2014
Looking for two factor authentication for SSH logins to your Linux systems?  Well then today is your lucky day - nixCraft has you covered. Read More...
How To Image And Clone Hard Drives With Clonezilla
Posted on 08/16/2014
If you are looking to clone a hard drive, maybe you should check out the new article on Linux.com which outlines how to use the free app or live CD version of Clonezilla to easily image or clone a hard drive, flashdrive or other storage media. Read More...
Raspberry Pi 
How To Backup Raspberry Pi SD Cards
Posted on 08/12/2014
The Raspberry Pi is a great little machine for all kinds of experiments, but since it's often pushed to its limits, it's nice to have backups around. Blogger Matthew Hoskins shows how to backup, restore, customize, and clone your Raspberry Pi SD cards right on the Pi itself. Read More...
Raspberry Pi 
Retro Operating Systems For Raspberry Pi
Posted on 08/08/2014
The Raspberry Pi is great for getting your OS nostalgia on.  You can easily use different operating systems on a whim.  Here are a few... Read More...
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