How-To Create A Pond In 1 Weekend
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Do you love the look of a ponds & water features?  Think one would look good in your yard?  But do you also think they are difficult to build, maintain, are expensive?  Well lets put to rest misinformation & show you how to create your own pond within a raised bed, in a single weekend.

Lets start by saying that ponds can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be.  The same would go for the size & how much maintenance you wish to spend on them each season.  At we are going to show you a straight forward solution that works, which requires a minimum amount of fuss & maintainability.

This article is written from my own personal experiences; as I have added my own raised pond, with the help of my brother, in just 1 weekend.  And here is a picture to prove it.

[pic_pond_before] [pic_pond_after]

This pond is at the end of its 2nd year.  A pond like this just looks better with time & a little creativity.  And it requires little maintenance, if done right.  So lets get to the heart of the matter.

This article outlines how my pond was created in just 1 weekend.  It explains how each part was done, what materials/tools were used, what issues I ran into, some of the tips/tricks I have learned & how to maintain it once completed.

My raised pond was built using the following:


    preformed plastic or fiberglass pond liner
    garden/railroad ties (pressure treated)
    a large amount of 16 to 20 penny galvanized nails
    junk stone/concrete
    junk sand/dirt
    good top soil
    weed barrier (optional)
    decorative stone (optional)


    chop saw
    tape measure

Part 1: Location & Size

Part 2:Construction

Part 3: Insert Pond Line & Backfill

Part 4: Pump Placement

Part 5: Planting your raised pond bed

Part 6: Populating your pond (water plans & fish)

Part 7: Maintenance

Part 8: Tips/Tricks

Part 9: Recommendations

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