Use Multiple Wireless Routers-Access Points On Same Network
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Here is how to network 2 routers (hardwire & wireless routers) into a single home network, connected to a cable modem.

Simple Setup Overview:

You should not need to adjust your hardware router in any way.
The hardwire router should work immediatly upon being connected to your cable modem.

You will however make 2 adjustments to the wireless router, before connecting it.
In the wireless router, disable DHCP & change the IP to ''.

Layout of hardware connectivity when completed:
-- Wall Socket (Coax connector) to Cable Modem (Coax connector)
-- Cable Modem (LAN port) to Hardwire Router (WAN port)
-- Hardwire Router (Uplink/LAN port) to Wireless Router (LAN port #1)

What this does:
-- allows the hardwire router to do all the DHCP work
-- allows you to connect both routers in a way which creates a single network
-- allows you to use your wireless router, as an extra network switch & wireless access point
-- should allow you to use the better switching abilities & packet management of your
hardwaire router, while not loosing wireless functionality
-- simplifies your network layout, when using 2 routers at the same time

What you need to do:
-- power down all of your equipment
(PCs first, vonage device second, wireless router third, cablem modem last)
-- swap out your wireless router, with your hardwire router
-- power up all your connected equipment
(cable modem first, hardwire router second, vonage device third, PCs last)
-- ensure you can connect to the internet on your PCs and your vonage phone works
(if you have connection problems, try resetting the hardwire router to factory defaults)
-- If everything works normally, then perform these steps seperately:
==> power up the wireless router, without connecting it to your network
==> connect one of your PCs to any of the wireless router's LAN ports (not the WAN port)
==> boot-up that PC
==> in your PCs browser, login to the admin area on your wireless router
(the wireless router's admin area should be located at IP '' or '')
==> in the wireless router's admin area, change the routers IP to ''
==> if the DHCP option is not on the same admin page, you will need to save the change &
then login again to your wireless router at IP ''
==> now disable the DHCP option in your wireless router's admin area.
==> save the change, then power down your PC & the wireless router
-- now that the wireless router is all configured, we can finish up things
-- connect an ethernet cable from the hardwire router's uplink port (if you have one) or LAN port #1
(if you don't have an uplink port) to the wireless router's LAN port #1.
-- power up your wireless router and you're all done. :-)
-- at this point, you simply test your wireless connection, which should work normally.
(no changes should be required to your wireless PCs configuration)


When you want to admin your routers:
==> goto IP '' to access the hardwire router's admin area
==> goto IP '' to access the wireless router's admin area

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