How To Oil A Paper Shredder
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01/13/2012 - Miscellaneous 

How To Oil A Paper Shredder

Oiling a paper shredder is a pretty straight forward process & for most home/SOHO paper shredders, it should not need to lubed too often.

Shredder Lab's blog has a great write-up of how to properly oil a paper shredder.
[How to oil a paper shredder]

In short, don't use WD-40 or like lubricants.  Most home/SOHO paper shredder manufacturers re-bottle Canola Oil and sell that as their lubricant of choice.  Simply hit the grocery store to save some money on your shredder lubricant needs; if you don't already have a bottle in the kitchen.

To Apply: Spread a small amount of Canola Oil onto a piece of paper, using a zig-zag type motion to cover the entire sheet. (* NOTE: don't soak the paper, just apply light even coverage.) Then feed this sheet through the shredder.  When completed, reverse the shredder for a few seconds. This will ensure the oil is dispersed throughout the shredder's cutting cylinders. The final step is to shred a few strips of newspaper to remove any excess oil. Repeat once or twice more for optimal application.

Oiling your shredding every now & again (at least a few times a year) will keep your shredder running smoothly, reduce wear & noise, and helps keep the shredder from slowing down over time.

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