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Fix Google Calendar Usage In Evolution
Posted on 08/14/2015
When Evolution responds with a "Forbidden", "unable to connect to 'calendar'" or "cannot open calendar: unexpected http status code 405" rejection, while trying to access a Google calendar, this is what you should do to fix ... Read More...
Ignore sockets during tar backup
Posted on 09/20/2014
If you want to skip error sockets-related code during backup of whole filesystem you will be surprised there's no –ignore-sockets switch. But there's elegant method to to that: cd / sudo find . -type s > /tmp/so... Read More...
Install Pidgin in CentOS 7
Posted on 09/13/2014
install libpurple & gtkautospell via yum normally download the x86_64 pidgin rpm for Fedora 19 (i use rpmbone for this) run rpm command to manually install pidgin w/o enforcing dependancies you're done ... Read More...
Finding Unique Lines In Files
Posted on 01/03/2013
During the course of a workday, I encounter repeating information within data files; which contain usernames, orderIDs, or other single lines of text. In many of these cases, I need to obtain a list of the unique lines within these files.  Here is how I accomplish it. Read More...
Get Yum to prefer x86_64 instead of i386 RPMs
Posted on 09/29/2012
If you run into case where you're running a 64-bit version of CentOS or Fedora, and Yum seams to prefer 32-bit packages, even though 64-bit packages exist, here is how to fix it. Read More...
How To Setup RipperX
Posted on 09/20/2012
If you are a long time Linux user like myself, you may have stumbled across a great CD to MP3 ripper app called " ripperX ".  Trying to get this installed & working properly in newer versions of Fedora/CentOS, has been a little tricky at times.  Here is a quick how-to for installing, configuring & using it. Read More...
Remove Grub From MBR
Posted on 07/30/2012
Sometimes after installing Linux to a PC, it's not possible to reinstall Windows exclusively to the hard drive, without first removing Grub from the MBR.  Should this situation arise, there are a few different ways to fix it. Read More...
Create And Use A Lock File
Posted on 07/07/2012
Lock files help to prevent multiple instances of a given operation (i.e. system command, script, batch file or application) from running at the same time.  This is specially important when you are going to cron something to execute automatically, which may take an extended period of time to complete or when it's a system/bandwidth intensive process.  With Linux, creating & utilizing lock files is very simple & straight forward. Read More...
Create Symbolic Links
Posted on 05/25/2012
Creating a symbolic link is easy, simply use this command: ln -s [source] [destination] Where: [source] is the absolute or relative path to the file or directory you are symbolic linking the pointer to. [destination] is ... Read More...
Get Installed YUM Package List
Posted on 01/30/2012
Use this command to obtain a list of YUM installed packages: yum list | grep installed > installed.txt ... Read More...
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