Brew the perfect cup of loose blend tea
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05/21/2012 - Tea 

Brew the perfect cup of loose blend tea

To brew the perfect cup of loose blend tea, is a very easy thing to do; as long as you can boil water.

If you can't boil water, seek professional help immediately!

Ok, lets get down to business.

Looking up the type of tea you want to brew.  Note the amount of tea, water temp & steep time.

Tea Type Amt of Tea Water Temp Steep Time
Herbal 1.5 tsp 205 F 5-6 Min.
Green 1 tsp 175 F 1-2 Min.
White 1.5 tsp 175 F 4-5 Min.
Flavored White 1.5 tsp 175 F 1-2 Min.
Black 1 tsp 195 F 3-4 Min.
Rooibos 1.5 tsp 205 F 5-6 Min.
Mat'e 1.5 tsp 205 F 5-6 Min.
Oolong 1 tsp 195 F 3-4 Min.

What to do:

  1. Bring 8 ounces of filtered water (per cup to be brewed) to the temperature indicated.
  2. Measure the amount of tea indicated (per cup to be brewed) & add it to your steeper or tea ball.
  3. Add the heated water to your steeper or cup with your tea ball.
  4. Steep tea for the time indicated.
  5. Once the tea is ready, remove the tea ball or drain tea from your steeper.
  6. Enjoy your perfect cup of tea.

With most loose blend teas, you can perform a 2nd steeping.  It may be a little lighter on color, but should taste just as good.  Upon your 2nd steeping, simply add 1 or 2 extra minutes to the steep time for best results.  I have found most loose blend teas perform poorly upon a 3rd steeping; as the tea is typically too week.

Remember to discard your used loose blend tea leaves properly.  Consider environmental solutions such as discarding the loose tea in a compost pile, using it to make compost tea (a liquid plant food), or simply spread it around your lawn.  With so little loose tea used per cup, it will quickly decompose without smelling & really helps plants that live acidic soils grow.  I have used a combo of these solutions for years & my flower beds, lawn & garden have never been healthier.

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