Effective Weed Management
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06/21/2012 - Gardening 

Effective Weed Management

Here some ways to effectively manage & control weeds.

  • Dig holes only where & as large as is necessary.  This prevents weed seeds in the soil from being churned to the surface & germinating.
  • Apply weed barrier cloth around bushes, flower beds, etc.. to help prevent weed growth in those areas.
  • Apply 2 to 3 inches of mulch to your garden beds, to help retain soil moisture & prevent weed growth.
  • Lightly water before hand pulling weeds, as this loosens soil & makes it easier to pull the weed's root. (The rule is 'pull when wet, hoe when dry')
  • Close gaps between your plants, to prevent creation of areas where weeds can grow.
  • Perform targeted watering, to water only your plants & prevent watering the weeds. (Try using drip irrigation, drip hoses or soaker hoses.)
  • Apply fresh compost &/or manure to new garden beds.  This helps enrich the soil & hampers new weed growth, and gives you more time to plant it properly.)
  • Use herbicides only when necessary.  Over usage of herbicides will poison the soil & may cause weeds to become immune to it.
  • Cultivate the ground in your vegetable gardens before/after the growing season.  This will help inhibit weed growth, by chopping the weed's roots & allows loosened weeds to dry out.

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