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Google To Record Offline Transactions
Posted on 12/26/2012
It appears Google has begun to take the offline world online.  They have are opening up a beta project that allow offline transaction data to be collected & corrilated online. Read More...
Social Engineering Replacement Order Scam
Posted on 12/20/2012
A recent article on Gizmodo has described a really interesting social engineering technique being used by hackers & fraudsters to have products freely shipped to parts unknown, with little more then a name, address &... Read More...
Google Removes Support For Old MS Doc Formats
Posted on 09/27/2012
As reported on The Register , Google has made a very bold move with their Google Apps interface.  They are removing support for older Microsoft Office document formats (such as .doc, .xls & .ppt), effective October 1st.  If you're a Google Apps user, are you prepared for this change? Read More...
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