One Laptop Per Child Project
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07/29/2012 - Commentary 

One Laptop Per Child Project

The One Laptop Per Child's project has been progressing slowly over the years.  Overall it's a noble endeavor.  However in watching this project's growth over the years, it's in my opinion still doomed to fail.

The newest write-up to this project, as documented on Engadget, is right on the money.  All of the new hardware is very nice; but will the release/production schedules & the overall costs really jive?

In my opinion, I've always thought:

  • the overall production costs are too high
  • too many production deadlines were missed
  • too many hardware partners came/went
  • too many PCs-for-the-masses solutions are now competing for this limited market
    (some with cheaper &/or better solutions for the digital divide problem)
  • And the Sugar desktop environment, I think is a flawed software solution.

I truly hope this projects succeeds, but I wonder if the One Laptop Per Child project will really grow to the production & distribution levels originally envisioned, when the project started.  At the rate they are going, I simply cannot see it happening.

What do you think???  Post a comment & voice your opinion.

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