Google Removes Support For Old MS Doc Formats
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09/27/2012 - Web 

Google Removes Support For Old MS Doc Formats

As reported on The Register, Google has made a very bold move with their Google Apps interface.  They are removing support for older Microsoft Office document formats (such as .doc, .xls & .ppt), effective October 1st.  If you're a Google Apps user, are you prepared for this change?

If you are in the camp that likes to keep old original digital documents around &/or has crazy macros in place that cannot be up-converted to work in newer MS document formats, you may be in trouble.  Now is the time to either convert your older documents to newer digital formats, or to be ready to use a 3rd party program (such as OpenOffice or LibreOffice) to handle your older MS documents.

UPDATE: In a follow-up article on The Register, it appears Google has since revised their statements. Now allowing users to upload older MS formatted docs, view them & download them (unedited).  However once a change has been applied to the document, it can them only be saved/exported in newer MS document formats. That is good news for longer term backwards compatibility for old documents.

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